Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yogiyo, Yogi chongmal choayo!

English translation: Hey, I love it here!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have not posted in two weeks, I have just been super busy with school and readings OMG!
I have never really taken any courses that needed alot, alot, alot of reading so this is all pretty new too me. But I'm getting through and still being able to check out Seoul along the way.
So I have done quite a bit lately from going out to dinner, mountain climbing, heading out to a club in the foreigners district, going to a Norabang, visiting a cat cafe (sorry no pictures, forgot my camera that day) and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Check it out~!

Dinner with friends
I forget what the meal was called.

Bears dressed up as bears

A group of us went to a club in Itaewon (foreigner's district) and then headed to a Norabang after wards which is simply a room where you sing kareoke

After the Norabang (about 3:30am-4am) we headed to the subway station. The station does not open untill 5am however so we had to wait.

The next day I headed back to the Buddhist's Temple. It was not as great as I thought it would have been. I went in a sat down with him. He did rememeber me. As he practised Korean Calligraphy, I folded a lot of his papers. We didn't really talk that much because of the language difference. However, he did bring out some mighty good strawberries

After the buddhist's temple, Seoul searching was done for the time being. Classes started and readings started to pile up. The following Saturday though, I went out with a group (mentors Club) and went hiking for the day. It was an awsome day with some great laughs, good memeories and lots of people.

The mountain we climbed was titled Baegundae. It is said to be the easiest mountain to climb in all of Seoul. It took us around 5 hours to get up and down and that with a few rest periods. 

Some nice scenary as we all headed towards the entrance to the mountain

This is half way up the hill

If I didn't mention it before, there were alot of people climbing. You can see the peak from here.

Me at the peak of the mountain. There was a South Korean flag at the top and the area was packed full of Koreans (just like everything else).

Again, alot of people climbing and some nice background

View of one side of Seoul from the peak

Well once you go up you must come down. Thats me after coming down from the hill. I am pointing at the mountain that I had just endured. The mountain closest to the middle

After such a long day of hiking, and getting split up from the group, some of us headed to an all you can eat Korean BBQ. This place is amazing! Its mainly all meat and you can eat as much as your heart allows you to eat. There is everything from steak to chicken to pig skin to baby octopy. I didn't try the octopy or the pig skin, however, I did try a piece of intestine. Yukk!
If you look closely, you can see the baby octopy (sp?) 

After a full night of partying the rest of that night after dinner, I headed back to the residence and slept untill 2pm. Then I had to write a five page paper. After which, me and some friends went to watch a movie at the movie theatre here. Yes, it was all in english with Korean subtitles. It surprised me too.
Anyways, along the way heading to the theatre we came across this toy machine.
We each had tried to get a stuffy like 5 times each with no luck. It always kept on falling off.
We got ripped off I think.
There is one pink stuffy that I tried to get and never did. I realized the other ones would be too heavy.

Two days later (tuesday) me and a friend decided to go exploring. Since none of the palaces were open that we had checked for some reason (they were all closed on tuesdays) we decided to head towards Namsung Tower. The largest tower in South Korea.
Its no CN Tower, thats for sure!

View of Seoul from the Namsung Tower

When we got to the entrance of Namsung Tower, we came across these trees. These, I am assuming, are called love trees because all it is is love noted locked on a metal tree frame.

Take a closer look!

So on top of all of this, I am doing other things as well.
I have joined up for this group which is called Language exchange where I get a chance to hang out with an actual Yonsei student. My first time chilling with here, we went to this awsome Japanese place for lunch (go out NOW and get some Japanese, seriously this post can wait). It was sooo good. After lunch, she took me to this cat cafe. Now we dont have them back in Canada, but they are really popular here.
Essentially, what a cat cafe is is exactly what you would think; A cafe witth cats. We walked in and got a drink and went to get a table. There had to be like 20-30 cats in the place. At first they were all mostly sleeping but when the workers brought out a treat, they all woke up and scurried over towards the treats. Then we got to play with them a little. It was exciting.
There was one grey cat that had a smushed-in face. It was amazing. The cat literally looked like a pug but in cate form.
Next year for x-mas, I want that (just in case any of you are looking).

Besides that, I have also been making Korean friends in my class. They are excited to hang out with me as much as I am to hang out with them. They all seem pretty cool and just want to know more.

Also, I have joined up for a group called Jazzfeel. Its a Jazz dance club. I went to the first orientation last night and it was cool. I have never really danced before and thought it would be neat to give it a try. I enjoyed it. The audition is on thurday, I just hope Im good enough by then!

Last thing and then all you guys and rest your eyes.
This weekend I am heading to Daejeon. It is about two hours from Seoul going South. I guess its an alright city, nowhere near the size of Seoul with some interesting things to see. The one thing I am stoked for is to visit the Hot Spring there. The hot spring is called Yuseong Hot Springs and it is said to have alot of healing powers.
The story behind this is that one time, a long time ago, During the Joseon Period I think, a man was wounded during battle. He came across the hot springs and saw a loon dip its injured feather into the spring and instantley the feather healed. He thought this must work for him, so he decided to go in and, of course, we was healed shortley after as well.
Ever since it has become very famously known as a hot spring with healing powers.
Also, we are going to be staying in a Jijilbang as well because we can not seem to find a hostel to stay in.

Thats all for now.
I will post again next week for sure!
Talk to you all then!!!

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